About Us

We Care About Your Dog’s Wellbeing

We are a small family-run business passionate about offering dogs the best diet possible. We are based in the Gatwick area and cover both Surrey and Sussex.

We aim to keep our prices low while supplying the best quality products on the market from Just Natural, Landywoods, Natural Dogs Direct, Billy + Margot, Hollings, Betty Miller, Nutriment and Manifold Valley Meats to name a few, with unrivalled customer service.

Our Own Beloved Dogs

We have 4 dogs of our own, all rescue dogs and actively support our local charity www.rescueremedies.co.uk. After years of them leaving their dinner unfinished, we made the switch to raw and have never looked back.

Since switching to a raw diet we have been amazed at the difference in our dogs’ coats, teeth, weight and no grazing! (a bonus when you have more than one dog). One of our dogs, Sammy, used to suffer with his weight.

Five years ago he was diagnosed with a fragmented medial malleoulus (a type of muscle/bone wasting disease) in his right hock. Since switching to a raw diet, he lost weight and kept it off. We hope that we can continue to avoid a difficult and costly operation.

Twelve years on and they still get as excited at dinnertime as they did on day 1!